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60 min Physiotherapy Initial Assessment & Treatment Session including:


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45 min Physiotherapy Follow Up Treatment Sessions including: 

10 sessions for the price of 8


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60 min Physiotherapy Initial Assessment & Treatment Session including:



45 min Physiotherapy Follow Up Treatment Sessions including: 

why purchase a package?

Prioritise yourself

Invest in your own health and wellbeing

Recover properly

Get fully better, not just partly

Get The Best value

Works out cheaper than pay as you go

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Prioritise yourself

Invest in your own health and wellbeing and look after yourself for once, rather than everyone else!

Imagine how much better you could feel with a little extra time spent on your own self care…

Prioritise releasing all those aches and pains, getting fitter and stronger and feeling so much better.

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Recover Properly

Would you rather have a few sessions and feel a bit better but then have the pain come back again? 

Or tackle the issue properly first time round and get that pain gone for good?

At Thrive Physio we believe in getting to the root cause of the problem so it goes away and stays away.

This approach takes time but is the only way to fully recover so you can get back to doing what you love!



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Get the best value

You get the best result for the best price and save compared with our pay as you go prices.

The 6 session package works out at £59 per session and the 10 session package works out at £55 per session!

This is instead of £90 for the initial assessment session and then £65 for follow up treatment sessions! 

Good physio Takes time

Normally it will take a series of physio sessions to get completely better. This is because a good physiotherapist will find the cause of the problem and address that with you too, not just treat the symptoms. This approach will stop the problem from just coming back again once your symptoms (e.g. pain) have got better. A lot of people wonder why their problem gets better but then keeps coming back; normally this is because a proper diagnosis has not been made and the root cause of the problem has not been found. 

Although we would like it to be the case, physiotherapists can’t magically fix someone and get you 100% better in one day; though that doesn’t mean that we can’t ease your symptoms in the first session – now that is possible! People often find that the hands on therapy they receive initially can do wonders for their aches, pains and stiffness. So they start to feel better and can then get on with the rest of their physio rehabilitation programme.

Also, it does take the body time to heal and start getting better. In terms of muscle strengthening, for example, it takes 6 to 8 weeks of doing your exercises on a regular basis for the muscles to actually start getting stronger!

Get better with our 'RECOVER AND SAVE' physio packages

So you may be wondering what a package of physio sessions actually looks like in reality! See below to discover how Peter recovered from his knee injury and Sarah got better from her shoulder pain – both of them rehabilitated  using their 6 and 10 session packages. 

6 session package:
Peter's journey

Peter came to see me after hurting his knee playing football. His goal was to get back to playing football again as soon as possible. He had been told that he had damaged the cartilage in his knee but didn’t need surgery. Peter arrived at clinic with crutches as he was struggling to walk without a limp. See below to find out how Peter got back to playing sunday league matches in his local park:

sports physio for footballer

Session 1

Full assessment of knee range of movement, muscle strength and mobility.

Session 2

Knee exercises to regain full range of movement. Mobility practise to reduce limp.

Session 3

Muscle strengthening exercises to regain full strength.

Session 4

Massage therapy to reduce muscle tightness and swelling.

Session 5

Dynamic strength and balance exercises and gentle jogging started.

Session 6

Football specific drills and training commenced.

10 session package:
Sarah's journey

Sarah came to see me after her long standing shoulder niggle got worse and became quite severe shoulder pain. She had become less active recently and work was busier and more stressful than previously. She was struggling to lift her arm to wash her hair and dress herself and do basic jobs around the house. She was also struggling to sleep due to the pain. Sarah’s goals were to be able to wash and dress and do the chores without shoulder pain and return to swimming. At her initial physio assessment Sarah was diagnosed with a shoulder impingement and rotator cuff tendinopathy. See below to find out how she got better with physio:

Session 1

Full shoulder assessment completed and diagnosis given. Basic pain free exercises started.

Session 2

Acupuncture treatment for pain relief and to help with sleep. Advice given on sleeping positions.

Session 3

Advice and exercises given to reduce pain and improve posture when working. Acupuncture continued.

Session 4

Massage of tight neck and shoulder muscles to reduce pain and tension. Acupuncture continued.

Session 5

Shoulder rotator cuff muscle strengthening exercises progressed now pain improved.

Session 6

Shoulder re-assessed: movement and pain improved. Shoulder blade exercises given to strengthen and reduce impingement.

Session 7

Further muscle massage to release tightness around shoulder blades. Stretches provided.

Session 8

Higher level strength exercises provided and Sarah able to start some gentle yoga.

Session 9

Now washing and dressing pain free. Able to use weights at home to strengthen further.

Session 10

Slight niggle with hoovering and making the bed only now. Ready to start going swimming.

Would like to get better properly once and for all like Peter and sarah?

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