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Get better. Fast.

Have you injured yourself recently and are now crossing your fingers and hoping that it will get better on it’s own? Are you trying to rest it and ice it but not noticing any improvement?

The sooner you come to us the quicker and easier it is to get you better – so please don’t wait and suffer unnecessarily! Come and get it checked and we can tell you what is causing it and stop it holding you back.

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What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the therapy that can get you better if you are in pain, have an injury or are having trouble moving. Physio is also the place to go if you have a sports injury or have just had a surgery or broken bone and need to get moving again. 

So, for example, if you are getting knee pain from exercise and can no longer go for your regular run, your local physio is the best person to help you get rid of it. Likewise, if you’ve got neck pain on the left side and tight neck muscles from working long hours from home, your physio is best placed to help you recover quickly.

Cost and appointment availability

We know that you may want to find out more about cost and availability before booking a physio appointment

So click on the button below to see our current prices and appointment slots.

Is physio right for me?

If you are not sure whether physio can help you arrange to speak to a physio first. We can have a chat, you can tell us what you are struggling with and we can let you know if it’s something we can help you with. For a free no obligation 15 minute chat with a Physio just call us on the number below or click on the button to schedule a video chat!

knee pain from sports injury needing a physio assessment
live well

about thrive physiotherapy & wellbeing

Need a great Physiotherapist in Lewisham? One with experience and time to care? Look no further! Our aim is to help you get better, feel better and stay better.

We do this by using the combination of exercise therapy, soft tissue work, joint mobilisation and acupuncture that is appropriate for you – and it’s all optional, of course!

Being well and feeling well is not just about the physical body and we know that the whole caring experience matters. So you will be in good hands and well looked after throughout your sessions.

What People Say
About Us

When I sprained a joint in my lower back and Alana told me it would get better in a few days I didn’t believe her! But after following her advice and doing the exercises she recommended it got better in no time! Alana is a great physio and I’d recommend her to anyone!
Lizzie R.
Alana has been incredibly helpful. I felt relief from my problem from the first appointment. She is very knowledgeable, providing targeted support at appointments, plus exercises and advice to implement myself. She is very friendly and has a lovely manner, which immediately puts you at ease. I would highly recommend Alana.
Anna F.
I was abit nervous…. 75 years of age, osteoporosis and injuries of old. I needn’t have worried. Alana was welcoming, made me relax. She listened and enquired how I was feeling whilst carefully massaging. She quickly found the area behind the shoulder blades and massaged whilst checking with me. Alana made me feel really safe whilst doing exactly what I needed. Thanks.
Ken P.
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